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Mike Corredor
Yanni Sofianos
Jeff Golden
Bass/BackUp Vox
Chris Vaca
Lead Guitar/BackUp Vox

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Music so honest it hurts. After some minor band member alterations with bass players GUERRA began playing shows in Early 2004 as a three piece. Mike Corredor on guitar n' vocals. Jeff Golden on bass and Yanni Sofianos on drums. The goal was to concieve a melting pot of music and ideas into an unrelenting, unforgiving powerhouse of musical mayhem. The band played their first show Jan. 24 2004 at a local diy punk/hardcore show. A very well welcome to the local heavy music scene by show goers across the NorthEast.

GUERRA's music has been described as a lethal formula of extreme music's best known elements. The speed induced chaos chaos of old school thrash metal, the socially charged lyrics of punk, The pit inducing breakdowns of hardcore. All of this while maintaining an element of groove that grab's the listener by the throat and forces them to take notice. GUERRA'S lyrics display images of personal and social aggression along with scriptures of hope, perseverance, and respect for oneself and others.

Only 6 months of playing the band was already nominated in the Hartford Advocate, an estabablished local weekly magazine, as "Best Hard Rock" band in the state. The band was quickly summoned to playing larger shows with such names as Six Feet Under, Deicide, Misery Index, Goatwhore, A Thousand Falling Skies, Dehamized, Invocation of Nehek, Maurader, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Black Label Society and more. 2004 also saw the band releasing the "s/t" demo which grabbed people's attention and made them take notice that this powerful music was coming for a 3 peice. In 2005 the band wrote and recorded their 1st demo as an official 3 piece to give people's ears a saturated listen into what lies in the near future. These 14 mintues captured on audio frequencies is only a taste of what's to come....

Late 2005 the band has aquired guitar virtuoso, Chris Vaca to hold the torch of lead guitar player. It was a perfect match as Chris shared the band's vision for a musical journey to push the barriers of what a band of this kind is capable of expressing. Now as an estabilished 4 piece line up GUERRA is in writing mode once again to release their first full length debut, hit the road running and launch floor rumbling pits across the land.....