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It seems you have done it again.
Proved me wrong - new level of dumb.
Just when I‘d thought I‘d seen it all
then along you came
Must be the blood of idiocy that’s rushing to your head
Now open your mouth and sing this timeless song.
Your words a knife cutting your limbs off.
Piece by piece your hitting the floor.
I hear the symphonies of your destruction
the beauty in hearing you fall.
Funeral for common sense. Death to perception.
I’ll show you mercy through silence.
Euthanasia- the mandatory solution.
I’ll fill that needle and let my frustration run free
free to have it’s way with you unleash my inner beast
Now open your mouth and sing this timeless song.
Day by day your lowering your own casket.
Lying in the filth
Lies and shame and greed and pain
This is all you breed
You never to be spoken again your name is foreign on the tongue.
Funeral for common sense
If I never say your name again I can die a happy man
Funeral for common sense

You’ve been molded like clay into a statue of loyalty
Just stiff and cold to this world. The hardening of oneself
Pieces on the chess board. Always on the losing end
You must make your move before they do
Fate lies in warm hands
It must be hard to walk when your boots are filled with stone
Reaping the seeds they planted and you have fucking sown
It must be hard to speak when there’s no mouth in the mold
Skin is graying day by day as your blood is turning cold
Concrete Veins! Concrete Veins ! Concrete Veins!!!!
A nation of stepping stones will surely crumble and fall
The weight of the world will cave you in Now ask yourself “what is left?”
Desire - the boiler- shall give you back what’s lost
No cold hands can feel the touch of releasing one’s self
Break the mold
Chisel away at the foundation
Free yourself from what weighs you down and learn to walk on your own
When there’s no movement in our hearts there is no progress in our souls
Migrate from this state of imprisonment and taste the grass over the hills
Drinking for the fountain of blood
Inject yourself new life
Time to replace what’s been poisoned
in these Concrete Veins

A conscience decision to awaken oneself
The slumber is over, time to fight for ourselves
Throw down that which finds us in hell
Rising above these cages we’ve built
Self destruction has and will always be the key
Rise from the rubble and set each other free
Stepping outside these prison walls to see the light of day
Melt away all your sickness by staring into the sun
Commandment ! Commandment! Commandment!
Sacrificing oneself in the name of progression
Enlightenment bestowed upon the aggressors
Sacrificing oneself in the name of progression
Rise up to your destiny
Self realization!
Creation through destruction!
Our proclamation!
To defy all your factions!!
Babylon lies among us all
It’s up to us to burn that path
Revelation the sixth sense
Gazing upon the third eye
Centuries born in the fire
Rising from the age of darkness
Shedding light on who we are.
Amputate what you most feared
Decapitate the heads of sorrow
Machete swing in the name of power
These words I live by like a bible
Live for yourself until the end
Or the end will live for you!

The unholy alliance between greed and man
Purging Reflections on a hollow end
Staring out into cold darkness a winter’s mind and frozen veins
Oblivious to Oblivion you ride the crimson skies
Realized through a vampire’s eyes yourself that you once knew
Fangs of hate and total war sink deep beneath your thoughts
Covered by your ignorance and a cloak of frailty
Walk the earth infinitely, yourself that you once knew...


Consider this your invocation no need for trembling minds
Perseverance - the wooden steak to drive through their black hearts
Shed the light on the vampire’s lies you’ll be blinded by my hate
Burn your skin right to the bone I’ll live another day
Truth stands naked before your eyes but you’ve nailed your eyes shut
With a hammer of ignorance smashed deep into your face
Gaze them dancing to doom’s ballad
Another step down through the cracks
Welcome to 2004 - Year of the Vampire.


A handshake with a palm of thorns
The grip that just won’t let go
I’ll cut you off right at the wrist
In this my friend you’ll bleed my bliss
Into our salvation…
With tongues as sharp as blades
Licking the open sores
Cut deep beneath her flesh
Infect this open wound
Cities live - Live in tribulation
Brothers lost - Lost in segregation
Live no more - total devastation
Integrity bleeds right through oneself
If we refuse to swallow their lives
Now is the time these words we shout.

Enslave them all with precision and grace
Cloaked in blood you hide your face
But we see right through your game
Tear them down destroy them all!
Think tanks with bombs of hate
Leave our future on the front lines
It’s up to us to rise and attack
Tear them down destroy them all!
Warring gods….malicious intent
Voice of the seasons and hell bent
Take refuge in determination
Tear them down Destroy them all
Sedating words fed to the nation
Progress is a deadly daydream
Did you ever try to think about it?
Tear them down destroy them all!
Snap the neck of the binding force
And purge this revolution
The blade now points in the other direction…


Your blood is my blood as your pain is mine
Wherever you roam I won’t be far behind
Your fight is my fight as your struggles are mine
We’ll cast them all down time after time

Strength of the protecting lion
Smash their cities right to the ground
And resurrect mountains of Zion
All as one we’ll conquer all
A chokehold on what drags you down
Squeeze and turn what’s death to life
Count the last days of sorrow’s dark season
The fist of strength smashes their face

Bound by Blood
Bound by…
Bound by Blood
A brother in the Incoming storm…

A time for mending life’s abrasions
A return from the dark desolation
and return the crown of sanity
A thousand nights fighting endlessly
Bite the head of the snake that creeps
Hunter becomes the hunted
The prey of the inner lion
A tonic for the young and dying

Bound. Strength. Force. Fire…
Your war is my war as your enemies are mine
Strength of the fist and the blood letting minds
We’ll cast them all down so sip this sweet revenge.

**note: Some older songs were taken out that are so seldomly still played**